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Achieve Global reach

with infrastructure deployed around the globe to ensure the lowest latency


Telnyx’s Architecture


Telnyx’s architecture is deployed in multiple regions at the largest internet hubs around the world. SIP registration will automatically anchor your media to the closest region to you geographically and ensure the lowest- latency and highest quality.

If your nearest region cannot be reached, the next nearest region can take over to ensure continued access to the service and automated Disaster Recovery.

Our Private Backbone between regions ensures high levels of Security and further improves communication quality through reducing hops that calls typically take on the public Internet.

We guarantee all of our customers 99.999% uptime with redundant failovers and guaranteed Tier 1 carrier interconnections.

The Telnyx Network In Action

  • Traditional VoIP

  • Telnyx Inbound

  • Telnyx Outbound