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IoT Data Pricing for Finland

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Private Wireless Gateways bridge your IoT devices directly to your corporate network, giving you secure connectivity with end-to-end visibility. Read more about PWGs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IoT SIM Cards, IoT Data Plans & IoT Data Pricing

Pricing for Telnyx IoT SIM card plans is simple. Each SIM card has an up-front cost and a monthly recurring charge. We'll ship your IoT SIM card for free within the continental US and Canada. Our SIM cards also have global IoT coverage, with a small cost to ship IoT SIM cards outside of the continental US and Canada.

Pricing for IoT data plans is broken down by zones. Telnyx's global IoT coverage spans hundreds of countries. Each zone represents a group of countries, and each country in a given zone has the same cost per MB of data. You can find out the cost of data in a country by selecting from the country menu at the top of this page, or you can view a list of all zones and prices by downloading this CSV file.

The Telnyx SIM has global IoT coverage with access to LTE, LTE-M, and 3G networks across hundreds of countries. If you'd like to know more about network coverage in a specific geography, get in touch with our team of experts.

To get started, order a Telnyx IoT SIM card from our easy-to-use Portal. Once you’ve received your SIM, follow the steps in this quickstart guide to start using your data.