LLM Library

Choose from a range of state-of-the-art proprietary and open-source LLMs and stay on the bleeding edge of AI.

Choose from hundreds of open-source LLMs in our model directory.

Open-source large language models (OS LLMs) foster collaboration between developers and researchers, accelerating the pace of development of new models for various industries and use cases. OS LLMs are cost-effective for businesses, increasing access to advanced AI to help companies stay competitive without having to make heavy investments in infrastructure or compute costs.

Our LLM Library makes it easy for developers to choose and use both OS and proprietary LLMs in Inference. Our intuitive platform empowers companies to choose AI models that best serve their unique needs so they can stay at the bleeding edge of AI technology to enhance their products and increase operational efficiency.

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Discover the power and diversity of large language models available with Telnyx. Explore the options below to find the perfect model for your project.


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Build what you want how you want it with a vast range of models for all your use cases.


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Build your entire RAG pipeline on a single AI platform, and focus on what you do best



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