Telnyx launches AMD Support for TeXML.

18, Mar 2022

Telnyx is excited to announce the release of Answering Machine Detection (AMD) and Premium AMD Support for TeXML users.

AMD can be enabled for all outbound TeXML calls using the endpoint.

Telnyx users can enable AMD for outbound calls with TeXML in two ways:

  1. Synchronous mode: In this case, the TeXML instructions are not executed until the results of the AMD process are provided in the status callback. The new instructions can be sent back as a response to be processed by the TeXML engine.
  2. Asynchronous mode: Here, the TeXML instructions are processed in parallel to the AMD process. The results of the AMD analysis are being provided in the AsyncAmdStatusCallback callback.

This feature will allow Telnyx users to control the flow of TeXML calls depending on the outcome of AMD results - increasing the efficiency of your outbound contact center.

Users can test AMD support for TeXML by following our developer documentation. If you are interested in learning more about TeXML, reach out to our team of experts.