Phoenix Area Code Changes: What to Know

7, Jul 2023

If you’re located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, three area code boundaries have been eliminated near you. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a boundary elimination overlay?

A boundary elimination overlay for the Phoenix metro area means the three area codes serving the Phoenix metro area will all serve the same geographic area. There will no longer be a boundary between the 480, 602, and 623 area codes. Instead, the three area codes will all serve the same combined geographic region.

A boundary elimination overlay does not require telephone users to change their existing area code or phone number. However, you’ll need to use 10-digit dialing. Dial the area code and phone number for all local calls.

Who is affected?

Beginning August 12, 2023, 10-digit dialing will become mandatory for anyone with a 602 and 623 area code. Calls that do not include the area code will not complete. If you forget and only dial 7 digits, you will hear a recorded message that advises you to include the area code, and you will need to hang up and re-dial your call including the area code.

Beginning September 12, 2023, new telephone lines or services in the former ‘geographic’ areas served separately may now be assigned numbers from the area codes in 480, 602, or 623. All area code numbers may be ported throughout the Phoenix metro area since the boundaries between the area codes have been eliminated.

For example, if you or your business moves from Scottsdale to Phoenix, you will no longer be required to change your landline telephone number when moving into a different area code within the Phoenix metro area.

What do you need to do?

Customers in the overlay region should:

  • Dial 1 + area code + phone number for all local calls
  • Identify and store phone numbers as 10-digit numbers (always include the area code, even if the number is local)
  • Update your equipment if needed to ensure it is programmed for 10-digit dialing (for example: fax machines, medical alert devices, alarm systems, voicemail, and call forwarding settings)
  • Ensure that all personal and business items include your area code (for example: pet ID tags, business cards, and advertising material)

What remains the same?

The following will remain the same for customers nationwide:

  • Your current telephone number
  • The price of a call, coverage area or other rates
  • What is considered a local call
  • The way you dial a phone number (you will still use 10-digit dialing for local calls, and 1+10 digits for long distance)
  • Dialing existing 3-digit numbers such as 911, 211, 311, and so on

If you have questions…

If you have questions regarding this notice, please visit the Arizona Corporation Commission website.