Bug Fix: Improving Custom Audio Playback Behavior

10, Feb 2021

We've implemented a bug fix to prevent audio playback from being interrupted on calls.

When gathering user inputs using the TeXML <Gather> verb or the gather_using_audio Call Control command, audio can be played to prompt the user. In this situation, a user's keypad button presses will interrupt the audio playback.

However, when playing custom audio on a call, using either the TeXML <Play> verb or the playback_start Call Control command, and without specifying any input gathering, audio could unintentionally be interrupted by a user pressing the * key on their phone keypad.

Now, when custom audio is being played on a call using the TeXML <Play> verb or the Call Control playback_start command, and no input gathering is active, the audio will not be interrupted by any button presses unless the call is hung-up.

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