Users can set Caller ID on Outbound Calls generated using TeXML

13, Aug 2021

As we have developed the TeXML functionality in our Call Control product, we have introduced a new attribute for dial command. Telnyx users can now set a Caller ID name on Outbound Calls that are generated using TeXML. The attribute ‘from_display_name’ will be used as the Caller ID name presented to the ‘to’ number.

The string can have a maximum of 128 characters that can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and certain special characters, namely; - , _ , ~ , ! , and +.

If users choose not to utilize this new attribute, the display name will default to the number in the ‘from’ field.

For any questions about this new functionality, or if you’re interested in learning more about out Voice API, reach out to our team of experts.