Telnyx New Calling Bundle Plans | Telnyx Release Notes

17, May 2023

Today we’re announcing the arrival of calling bundles to the Telnyx platform.

Calling bundles are perfect for Operator Connect and Zoom Phone users who want to manage their telephony bills on a per-seat basis. Each plan includes a US local number and E911 so your users stay connected and compliant.

Choose between a low-cost pay-as-you-go bundle or a standard bundle with minutes included depending on what best suits your business needs.

Our basic bundle includes a US DID and E911. Calls associated with basic bundles will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our standard bundle includes a US DID, E911 and 1000 minutes of PSTN calling.

How do I get started with bundles?

You can purchase bundles by logging into your Mission Control Portal account and navigating to the Bundles section on the left-side navigation. From here follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose to add either basic or standard bundle to your cart.
  2. Navigate to the Search and Buy numbers tab to find your number. Then, navigate to your Cart in the top right corner to assign the number to your bundle. Note: Bundles are currently only available to Operator Connect and Zoom Phone users, and only include US numbers and US calls.
  3. Place your number order.
  4. Navigate to the External Voice Integrations section located under the Voice tab on the left-side menu.
  5. Associate your new bundle number to your chosen External Voice Integration.

And you’re ready to make calls using bundles!