Update: Telnyx Outbound Voice Profiles

24, Aug 2020

As we have communicated, we’ve made changes to our Outbound Voice Profile creation experience in the Mission Control Portal, so it's easier to create and edit profiles. We've simplified the options to choose from for Traffic Types, and combined our US and International service plans into one global termination offering, with one rate deck.

As support for the Legacy Outbound Voice Profiles is scaled back, a number of changes will be made to certain Legacy Outbound Voice Profiles.

What will change?

The new Conversational Outbound Voice Profile will only be assigned the Conversational traffic type.

These same profiles will also have their Service Plan assigned as Global to align with our new, simplified global outbound experience.

The price for outbound calls made using these profiles will be subject to our new Global Conversational rate deck. This deck can be found in the Pricing section of the Mission Control Portal.

In addition, no new profiles will be able to be created using the Fax Certified or Conversational Direct Traffic Types. Our telephony engine now handles fax traffic and direct routing as standard, so there’s no longer any need to select the Fax or Conversational Direct traffic types to enjoy these benefits.

Finally, no new Connections can be added to legacy profiles.*

What will remain unchanged?

Existing functionalities associated with High Volume Short Duration (HVSD) Outbound Voice Profiles will remain unchanged.

All Connections assigned to the Outbound Voice Profile will remain unchanged, as will all other settings of the Outbound Voice Profile not featured in these release notes.

The cutover date for these changes is set for August 27th, 2020, at 13:00 CST.

For more information on Outbound Voice Profiles, talk to our experts.

If you’re a managed account working with our customer success team and meeting a certain level of minimum committed spend on our platform, you may have received communication from your dedicated customer success manager detailing how you can keep your existing workflow and add additional connections and apps to your Legacy Outbound Voice Profile.*