Ability to Control Managed Accounts via API key

19, Jun 2023

Managed Accounts is a limited-release feature, enabling qualifying users to create sub-accounts with advanced management features. A Managed Account is a sub-account created from within an existing Mission Control Portal account (which we call a Manager Account). They are an intuitive way of administering multiple accounts and users from one unified interface.

For Telnyx users that leverage the Manager Account functionality, there are a couple of important updates that go into effect today.

Update 1: Deprecation of support for certain fields in Managed Account API

  • For all new accounts enabled to use this feature, the following fields will no longer be populated when listing managed accounts:
    • api_key
    • api_token
    • api_user
    • balance
  • The current functionality will be maintained for existing users, though there will be a deprecation timeline communicated on this in the future.

Update 2: New capability on the manager account

If you have any further questions on this release, feel free to reach out to a member of our support team.