Available Now: Dynamic e911

4, Oct 2021

We are excited to announce that, as of today, Telnyx supports emergency calling with dynamic locations in the US and Canada.

Before this we offered regular E911, which is non-dynamic emergency calling for numbers. This will continue to be an available option for non-US or Canada numbers.

RAY BAUM’s Act states that, by 2022, enterprises operating Multi-Line Telephone Services (MLTS) will be required to provide dispatchable location information at the time of all 911 calls. Telnyx’s Dynamic E911, also known as E911 with Dynamic Location Routing, can help get you there. Unlike traditional emergency calling where the emergency-enabled phone number is associated with a specific address, Dynamic E911 phone numbers are decoupled from addresses, and instead associated with an end user. In order to utilize Dynamic E911, Telnyx users must now define end users at onboarding.

Accurate location information of the end user is sent at the time of a 911 call using PIDF-LO (Presence Information Data Format-Location Object).

To test out the new API, head over to our Developer Guide. If you’d like to know more about our emergency calling capabilities, reach out to our team of experts.