Telnyx's 2023 EU & International Updates

19, May 2023

2023 Updates for European and International Customers

New features available for European SMS & MMS customers include:

  • Advanced Opt-in / Opt-out: As announced earlier, our new API allows for customised auto response behaviour based on inbound messages from specific countries, offering localised language support and aligning with industry standards.
  • Display Country Breakdown for Messaging Usage: Enhancing data privacy, a new API-enabled Messaging Profile setting redacts PII data when viewing Messaging Detail Records (MDRs) in Telnyx reporting.
  • 2-Way SMS now available in Belgium: We've expanded our services to include 2-way SMS capable mobile numbers in Belgium.
  • MDR PII Redaction Functionality: In keeping with privacy laws, we now offer the capability to redact PII in MDRs for increased data privacy.
  • Invoice Enhancement: To assist in your global strategy, our invoices now display messaging usage per country, offering insights into your spend and engagement across various regions.

If you have any questions about using the above, please contact Support.