Telnyx launches Global Edge Router in open beta

14, Jun 2023

Today, we’re proud to release Global Edge Router in open beta!

Global Edge Router allows businesses to manage their low-latency, highly-available applications and services anywhere in the world.

What’s more, Global Edge Router enables automatic failover between all major cloud providers, empowering businesses to diversify their cloud insfrastrutue—increasing flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in.

How does global edge router work?

Global Edge Router leverages the Telnyx global edge-PoP network and BGP-anycast to increase the availability of services and redundancy.

Our global edge network consists of 25 PoPs at strategic global sites which enables fast access to services, reglardless of end-user location.

BGP-anycast finds the most efficient routes for data to travel across a network, reducing latency for end-users.

Global Edge Router also employs BGP-anycast to allow for failover between all major cloud providers. This means services distributed on a multi-cloud network will remain online and available–even in the event of a major cloud outage.

How can I get started with Global Edge Router?

To get started with Global Edge Router, log-in to the Mission Control Portal and follow the support guide to configure your network.

To learn more about our latest offering, reach out to a member of our team today.