Introducing Group Messaging via MMS

8, Aug 2023

Telnyx is excited to offer Group Messaging via MMS to its Messaging API customers.

Group Messaging is a new feature designed specifically for businesses across +1 numbers within US / CAN that are seeking a streamlined, efficient and secure two-way conversations.

Group Messaging builds upon the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) protocol in order to facilitate multi-party conversations.

Building upon the shortcomings of existing platforms, Group Messaging presents a breakthrough approach to Group MMS that puts emphasis on ease of use, rigorous compliance, and unbeatable pricing.

There is a maximum of 8 participants in an overarching group message conversation.

Group Messaging is charged the standard MMS rates including carriers fees per recipient. A message detail record will exist for each recipient with a Group Message ID to allow you to associate each record to the one conversation.

Try it now: Group Messaging Developer Docs