Introducing Inbound Call Screening

28, Jun 2023

At Telnyx, we’re committed to providing our users with robust features to enhance your communication experience. Today, we're excited to introduce Inbound Call Screening, a powerful feature designed to protect Telnyx numbers from unwanted and spam calls.

With Inbound Call Screening, businesses can filter out unwanted calls and maintain the integrity of their communications.

Inbound Call Screening features include:

  1. Enhanced Call Control: Users can now reject or flag suspicious calls based on customizable conditions—empowering businesses to manage incoming calls with confidence.
  2. Spam Call Detection: Effectively screen and identify potential spam calls to protect Telnyx numbers from unwanted solicitations and fraudulent activities, and avoid spam calls.

How does Inbound Call Screening work?

There are 2 factors that we use to implement inbound call screening, number reputation and SHAKEN/STIR attestation.

  1. Number Reputation Database: Inbound Call Screening leverages a comprehensive number reputation database to assess the reputation score associated with an incoming calls' Calling Line Identity (CLI).
  2. Shaken-Stir Attestation: Inbound Call Screening employs the SHAKEN/STIR attestation protocol to validate the authenticity of Caller ID information to help ensure the legitimacy of incoming calls.

How much does Inbound Call Screening cost?

The cost for configuring Inbound Call Screening on a given number is dependent on the total amount of numbers with the feature configured. Tiered pricing is as follows:

  • 0-50 numbers = $1.00 per number per month
  • 51-250 numbers = $0.75 per number per month
  • 251+ numbers = $0.50 per number per month

How can Telnyx users get started with inbound call screening?

You can implement inbound call screening by logging into your Mission Control Portal account and following our set-up guide.

For more information, you can reach out to our support team in the portal.