Voicemail Beta Now Available | Telnyx Release Notes

15, Dec 2021

You asked, and we answered - today we are happy to announce the rollout of Voicemail Beta.

In this early version of the feature you will be able to forward incoming calls to a voicemail box when a call is rejected or not picked up. You will then be able to consult deposited voicemail messages by dialing *98 from a voicemail enabled number and authenticating with an access PIN.

Customers will be able to enable voicemail features today through the portal following these steps:

  1. Go to ‘My Numbers’ in the ‘Numbers’ section
  2. Select the number you wish to configure voicemail for and select ‘Advanced Options’
  3. Enable voicemail under the ‘Voicemail’ tab.

We’d love your feedback and ideas on how we can build a better product that is more suited to your needs. To give your feedback, reach out to our sales team or submit feature requests in the portal following these steps.

If you need any assistance, you can contact a member of our support team at any time through the chat function in your Mission Control Portal.