Telnyx unveils a new Media Storage API

31, Aug 2021

We're proud to unveil our new Media Storage API, letting you handle media in your communications more easily.

Up to now, using Telnyx to transmit or communicate media was difficult. Users had to host files on their own servers—or worse, on a slow, public file-hosting service—and supply the URL to their Telnyx application.

Now, when sending PDF documents as faxes via API, playing back custom audio files on phone calls, sending rich media over MMS, or handling media assets in any other communications, users have a better option. The Assets API enables users to upload files directly to Telnyx via simple API commands, store them securely in our cloud environment with a friendly name for as long as they're needed, and serve them quickly and reliably in other Telnyx API actions using just their friendly name. Files can be uploaded from your local machine, or from a publicly-accessible URL.

By default, files are available for 48 hours after upload. Users can also specify a custom time-to-live (TTL) for any file - perfect for handling sensitive files, or ensuring important files are always available for use.

For more information and usage examples, head over to our Developer Center.