We've made it easier to add allowed IPs in Mission Control

28, Jan 2022

Today, Telnyx is excited to introduce a new section in the Mission Control Portal where our customers can add their allowed IP addresses to their accounts to ensure robust and secure communications.

Telnyx customers can now add their IP address as either:

  • Single IP address
  • CIDR blocks.

From the new Allowed IPs tab in Mission Control, portal users are able to view:

  • IP addresses that have been added to their allowed list
  • IP addresses that are waiting to be added to the allowed list
  • when the allowed IPs were added, and
  • whether the allowed IPs were added through the Mission Control Portal or an internal system.

Users will be able to filter the list of allowed IP addresses by source, status, and IPs.

Allow-listing user IP addresses will help to minimize disruption to services on our network. Telnyx customers can add IP addresses in the portal by signing in, and navigating to the Allowed IPs tab on the left-hand menu. Users can also navigate to our developer documentation for guides on how to add Allowed IP addresses and Allowed IP ranges via API.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our team via the chat in the lower right-hand corner of your Mission Control Portal.