Webhook Logging for Advanced API Debugging

4, Dec 2020

Webhook Logging

If you're a Telnyx API user, you can now retrieve detailed information about webhooks for your account with our new Webhook Logging tools.

What is a webhook?

A webhook (also referred to as a web callback or a HTTP push API) is a way for an app to deliver data to other apps in real-time. Webhooks provide Telnyx API users with notification and context on communications events as they happen, enabling real-time communications applications.

For example, webhooks are sent by a Telnyx Call Control application when a call is initiated (call.initiated), answered (call.answered) or hung up (call.hangup). The Telnyx API sends webhooks to notify your application of a wide variety of events, including phone calls and numbers, text messages, SIP configuration settings, and many more as detailed in our API Reference.

What can I do with Webhook Logging?

Webhook Logging allows you to retrieve webhooks that have already been delivered by Telnyx about events in your voice and messaging applications.

Granular filtering options allow you to refine your search with several webhook parameters, including status, time-frame, and text strings contained in the webhook. These filtering tools enable advanced debugging use-cases:

  • Locate and analyze specific webhooks using their webhook ID.
  • Verify the delivery of a webhook.
  • Verify the contents of a webhook.
  • Analyze all webhooks sent in a certain timeframe or containing a certain text string (e.g., call.initiated) to find anomalies.
  • Analyze all webhooks with "failed" status.

Webhook Logging is the newest addition to our growing suite of advanced communications API debugging tools. With granular debugging and reporting, it's easier than ever to build next-generation communications apps on our voice and texting APIs.

How can I get started with Webhook Logging?

Webhook Logging tools can be accessed via the Telnyx API's /webhook_deliveries endpoint.

The Telnyx API Reference contains documentation and usage examples for listing webhook deliveries and filtering results, and for finding webhook delivery details by webhook ID.