Noise Suppression is now available for SIP Trunking

29, Apr 2024

We are excited to build on our recent advancements in audio quality by introducing the Noise Suppression feature for SIP Trunking. Following the successful launch of HD Voice, this new feature further enhances your audio experience by effectively reducing unwanted background noise during calls.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced call clarity: With Noise Suppression, your SIP Trunking calls are clearer than ever, ensuring that every word is heard without the interference of background noises.
  • Improved communication: This feature is invaluable for businesses that rely on superior call quality to maintain professional communications and operations.
  • Accurate AI interactions: Noise Suppression improves audio inputs for conversational AI, leading to more accurate and natural AI responses.


Noise Suppression for SIP Trunking will be free of charge until July 1, 2024. After this date, it will cost $0.002 per leg per minute. Sign up for a Mission Control Portal account and give it a try for free!

Getting Started

Noise Suppression can be enabled at the number level or the SIP connection level. With one click, you can enable Noise Suppression for every number in a SIP connection. It only takes three simple steps to activate noise suppression. Consult our comprehensive Noise Suppression support article to see how.


Our team is ready to assist with any questions or support needs regarding the new Noise Suppression feature. Contact our experts anytime to ensure you make the most out of your enhanced SIP Trunking service.

Team Telnyx