Telnyx releases premium Answering Machine Detection

22, Sep 2021

From today, Telnyx now supports premium answering machine detection (AMD) on our Voice API. This feature will increase the accuracy of voicemail detection, so your businesses can deliver the right messages, at the right time.

Premium AMD uses advanced speech recognition technology and a machine learning process to achieve exceptional accuracy in determining whether a call has been connected to a live person or an answering machine. This feature can make more granular classifications of the call result by identifying, silence, an answering machine greeting, a human residence greeting, or a human business greeting, giving businesses a greater understanding of where their calls are ending up.

When a call is answered, the premium AMD software runs real-time detection and sends a ‘call.machine.premium.detection.ended` webhook with one of the following results:

  • human_residence,
  • human_business,
  • machine,
  • silence or
  • fax_detected.

If a beep is detected a call.machine.premium.greeting.ended webhook with the result of beep_detected is also sent. If a beep is detected before call.machine.premium.detection.ended only a call.machine.premium.greeting.ended webhook is sent. If a beep is detected after call.machine.premium.detection.ended, both webhooks will be sent.

Premium answering machine detection is now available with pricing listed here. Get started with answering machine detection by following the guide in our developer docs.

For more information about how premium AMD can help your business, check out our product page or get in touch with our team of experts.