Telnyx Launches Programmable Fax API

15, May 2020

Telnyx Launches Programmable Fax API

Programmable Fax API - Product Launch

We’re excited to announce a new Programmable Fax API product, available via the Telnyx API.

Mission Control faxing configuration and support for receiving faxes is coming soon.

The Telnyx Programmable Fax API helps you send and manage faxes programmatically on our private IP network. It’s now easier than ever to leverage our fax-friendly platform to deliver faxes via T.38 or G.711 pass-through.

Migrate from your existing provider with help from our team of faxing experts, or make the jump from manual offline faxing to a software experience using a simple and reliable API that’s easy to integrate into web and mobile applications with just a few lines of code.

Check out our quickstart guide to get up and running in minutes, or browse the full API documentaion to learn more.