Public IP Mapping

4, Feb 2021

Public IP Mapping

Public IPs

We’re excited to share our newest feature for Telnyx Wireless: you can now map public IPs to your Telnyx SIMs with a few simple clicks via the Telnyx API or Mission Control Portal. Public fixed IPs empower you to advertise your connected devices on the public internet at any time from any location.

We’ve added this feature to expand the usability of our IoT SIMs -- public IPs enable you to connect to your SIM rather than just from it, making it easier to scale your IoT solution. IoT SIM cards with public IPs will also provide value to managed service providers (MSPs), who can use their SIMs for LTE failover for their PBX system. When a failure is detected, MSPs can immediately failover to LTE, minimizing downtime on their services.

If you’re interested in adding a public IP to your SIM, head over to our Mission Control Portal or our API, where you can:

  • Upgrade SIM cards to using a public static IP for $3 per month.
  • Delete public IP addresses on SIMs.
  • View public IP address costs in your invoice.

4, February 2021