Set Data Limits on Telnyx SIM Cards

20, Oct 2021

Telnyx customers can now control and monitor data usage on a per-SIM-card basis and on SIM groups.

The Data section is available for SIM Cards and SIM Groups in the Mission Control Portal. These tools allow data limits to be set and data usage to be monitored for the current month, for individual SIM cards and SIM Groups, respectively. Users can specify limits or allow unlimited usage for SIMs or SIM Groups.

SIM Data Limits

An email notification will be sent when the usage for a SIM or SIM Group reaches 80% of the prescribed data limit in a given month. When the prescribed data limit is reached by a SIM or SIM Group, the SIM or SIM Group will be automatically disabled.

Get started with SIM Card Data Limits by logging into your Mission Control Portal.