Telnyx: New SIP Subdomains for Calls

22, Aug 2019

We have released a new feature release for inbound calls called SIP Subdomains. SIP Subdomain gives you the ability to receive calls over the internet by simply sharing your subdomain address with anybody who has access to a VoIP solution.

When Telnyx receives SIP calls to your subdomain over the public internet, they will be routed to your connection. You can choose to receive calls from anyone, or just from the connections configured on your Telnyx account.

SIP Subdomains are similar to SIP URIs. However, SIP URIs can only be assigned to credential auth connections, while SIP Subdomains are allowed for any other Connection type.

SIP Subdomain

The SIP username part of the Request URI isn’t considered by Telnyx and can also be non-existent.


SIP Subdomain:

You will now receive calls for:

Note: SIP TLS encrypted calls are not allowed for SIP Subdomains.

Check out more details here.