Speech-to-Text Transcription for Voice Calls

19, Apr 2021

Voice API users can now transcribe speech to text in real time, with a beta version of our speech-to-text transcription tools.

Real-time speech-to-text transcription is available in six languages:

  • German - "de"
  • English - "en"
  • Spanish - "es"
  • French = "fr"
  • Italian = "it"
  • Polish - "pl"

Transcription can be turned on and off on-demand at any point during a call by sending a transcription_start or transcription_stop command along with the call's call_control_id. Transcription will automatically end if a call ends (through being hung-up by the end-user, or through an API command).

Transcription is billed in 15-second increments, at a cost of $0.05 / minute (or $0.0125 per 15 seconds - that's more than 30% cheaper than competing on-call transcription offerings from Twilio!).

To get started using these new transcription tools for Call Control, explore the API documentation.

You'll need a Mission Control Portal account to get started - create one today and get $10 of free credit to test out transcription!