GBP Billing Is Available

17, Mar 2021

Telnyx adds GBP billing to Mission Control

Telnyx UK - Release Notes

Today, Telnyx is delighted to announce that our customers can now choose to pay and see pricing in pounds Sterling (GBP). This new functionality is part of a wider multi-currency initiative, which aims to make the Telnyx platform easier to use, for both new and existing customers.

For a UK-based business, working in GBP will allow you to better understand your pricing as it appears on our website and in the Mission Control Portal, making your invoices more clear and predictable. More importantly, it makes life easier for Telnyx users who bill their customers in GBP. Telnyx users will now be able to streamline their finance operations by attributing the Telnyx cost to the spending of their customers directly.

This billing feature release comes after the announcement that we have achieved full PSTN replacement in the UK. Our dedicated network point of presence in London, international call routing, and a more reliable UK +44 number search and ordering experience, means that our UK customers can now avail of a fully-featured telephony solution in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How to activate GBP billing on your Telnyx account

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a Telnyx account. Once you’ve verified your email address and logged into your Mission Control Portal, we’ll ask you a few questions about how you’ll be using Telnyx. Simply select GBP from the drop-down menu in this box, and that’s it! Your pricing and invoicing will appear in GBP for all usage associated with that specific account.