Terminate Calls with Telnyx: Easy & Cost-Effective

18, Oct 2019

Telnyx is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by Twilio.

With one easy change to your existing code to make phone calls, you can now direct your communications provider to send your calls to Telnyx via SIP. Telnyx will then deliver your calls to their destination and save you money in the process.

It’s incredibly easy to continue to use your existing applications, while enabling Telnyx to become your underlying carrier. Calls are routed from your communications provider to Telnyx as SIP calls and then sent over our private, global network. With redundancy in globally deployed infrastructure, this ensures the lowest latency and the best call quality — always.

Read our new guides for Plivo and Twilio to learn how to start terminating calls from your existing voice applications with the Telnyx network in minutes.