Updates to how Voice API calls are identified

29, Jun 2022

We're updating the format of the call_control_id parameter that's associated with Voice API calls.

Phone calls made or answered using our Voice API are identified using the call_control_id parameter returned by our API.

Until now, this parameter has taken the format of a UUID, for example e0209774-f131-11ec-aadf-02420a0de568. After this change has taken effect, the call_control_id parameter will have a new format, starting with v3: followed by a string of 54 randomly-generated alphanumeric characters, for example v3:hhMGgm44EjgAss3mLDeF6W2er2HpHcYFp7mMR8eLwqdzYISO5KY6Dg.

This change will take effect on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at 17:00 UTC.

If your Voice API applications use the call_control_id parameter to identify and manage calls, you should ensure that they can parse both formats of this parameter to avoid application errors.