WebRTC JavaScript SDK

WebRTC JavaScript SDK

Using the Javascript SDK And VoIP

With the release of this Javascript SDK, you can start to extend the dependability of our global VoIP network to your users’ browsers. Build your own WebRTC clients, powered by the Telnyx network, and start making and receiving crystal clear calls.

WebRTC carries billions of minutes each month internationally and is used every day for real-time calls. We’ve started to see many use-cases emerge — including contact center and sales acceleration solutions — that take advantage of the ease of development, built-in-security, and scalability empowered by WebRTC.

There are endless possibilities for what you can build with our SDK. One increasing trend has been the use of WebRTC in contact center solutions. Removing the need for manual and time-consuming updates across the organization, with a WebRTC based tool, agents can now make and receive calls easily from their web browser.

We use our own WebRTC functionality internally for a number of tools across our website and Mission Control Portal. We expose our Web Dialer functionality within the Portal, enabling you to verify your connections through test calls directly from your browser. Similarly, our Click2Call tool is used throughout the website to connect you to our team of experts without picking up a phone.

Getting Started With A Web Dialer

To help you get started, we’ve exposed both of these examples as part of our Github release. You can check out our Web Dialer and Click2Call implementations right now or use them as inspiration for your own projects.

For any further questions, the Telnyx customer support team is accessible 24/7 to provide you with technical support and answer any questions you have about our WebRTC product.