Monitor Data Usage with Wireless Dashboard

4, Aug 2022

Telnyx IoT SIM Card users can now find key information about their SIM cards and SIM card fleets at a glance. The new Wireless Dashboard in the Mission Control Portal is a simple, unified view of SIM card status, data usage and other insights.

LoA - Telnyx - Malta

Wireless Dashboard

The dashboard allows IoT SIM Card users to view:

  • The daily data usage associated with their SIM cards, broken down by network and compared to a trendline of historical data usage from 30 days prior.
  • The number of active, standby and disabled SIM Cards associated with their account.
  • A leaderboard of top-consuming SIM Cards, along with the ICCID, Status, SIM Group and Tags associated with each SIM Card.
  • Total data consumption by network.

Check out the new dashboard in the Wireless section of the Mission Control Portal.