Learn all you need to know about SHAKEN/STIR

The SHAKEN/STIR framework is an initiative designed to combat robocalls and caller ID spoofing, which have become significant threats to the integrity of global communications networks. SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) and STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) work in tandem to authenticate and verify caller IDs, ensuring the displayed number is legitimate and hasn't been tampered with.

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Register with the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD)

If a customer is considered a domestic or foreign voice service provider by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the customer should register with the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD).

Join the Industry Traceback Group (ITG)

Telnyx is committed to combatting illegal robocalls. As such, we’ve joined the Industry Traceback Group (ITG). ITG aims to be a neutral coordination platform for multiple service providers to trace and identify the source of illegal robocalls. Customers are required to participate in Traceback efforts should they receive a traceback request.


Providers can label numbers with 3 attestation levels

Attestation levels represent the level of trust and confidence an originating service provider has in the authenticity of the caller ID information being presented during a phone call.

  • Full Attestation (A)

    The provider knows the customer, they know the customer has a right to use the originating number, and they know the call originated on their network.

  • Partial Attestation (B)

    The provider knows the customer, but the customer may be using another provider's phone number. The call is legitimate, but the provider can’t fully attest because of missing information.

  • Gateway Attestation (C)

    The provider can’t verify the customer or phone number and has no way of knowing whether the call is legitimate. However, they attest to the call to mark that it originated on their network.


Build compliant voice into your platform

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    The complete guide to combatting illegal robocalls

    SHAKEN/STIR helps organizations fight illegal and fraudulent calls.

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    Signing your own calls

    Some service providers may be eligible to sign their own calls in the SHAKEN/STIR framework. Take a look at the requirements.


The TRACED Act was signed into law on December 30, 2019, which directed voice service providers to have SHAKEN/STIR implemented on their networks by June 30th, 2021. On June 30, 2022, small service providers were expected to sign their outbound calls with their own SHAKEN tokens.