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    Build reliable SMS, voice or wireless capabilities into your web or mobile app in minutes using the robust Telnyx API.
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    Facilitate global communications and collaboration among employees, customers and partners.
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    Instant free access to the Telnyx platform with a big credit injection. Plus, you’ll get access to 24/7 support.

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David Casem
Telnyx CEO and Co Founder

What can you build with the Telnyx API?

  • Reminders and Alerts
    Trigger timely alerts like password resets and billing or appointment reminders.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    Use programmable SMS to verify customer credentials and keep data safe.
  • Contact Center
    Automate and optimize your call flows and to better manage conversations.
  • Secure IoT
    Build IoT products that connect any device worldwide with a single SIM.

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