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Learn what makes Telnyx the best Emnify alternative

Both Telnyx and Emnify offer multi-carrier eUICC SIMs for global IoT deployments. So what’s the real difference between the two? Telnyx provides more extensive network coverage and superior control, while guaranteeing competitive and transparent pricing.

Pricing comparison

Compare our pricing

Experience unparalleled cost savings with Telnyx. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Telnyx and Emnify list rates.

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Emnify charges €3.39 for industrial grade SIMs.

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All Telnyx SIMs are industrial grade and cost €0.93 per SIM. Save up to 72% on SIMs with Telnyx.

Feature Comparison

Compare our features against Emnify

Uncover the Telnyx edge: unmatched global coverage, superior connectivity features, and competitive, transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing.

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540+ networks

Emnify provides access to 540+ networks worldwide.

Telnyx logo650+ networks

Telnyx provides access to 650+ networks worldwide, giving you a seamless connectivity experience with more choice, redundancy, and reliable network failover.

Unleash global connectivity, on your terms

In the IoT race, Telnyx outpaces Emnify at nearly every turn. From our expansive network to our superior features, experience the power of choosing Telnyx.

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    Unmatched global coverage

    Telnyx eclipses Emnify’s reach with an impressive 650+ networks globally. We ensure you're online when it matters most, regardless of where you are in the world.

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    Limitless scalability on your terms

    Emnify’s rigid pricing structures charge for data overconsumption (in the event you have not chosen the appropriate Emnify plan type) - a hindrance in the dynamic and unpredictable world of IoT. With Telnyx, you only pay for what you use so you’re never penalized for growth. No surprises, just savings.

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    Superior usability and interoperability

    Emnify’s lack of internet-routable IP addresses limits device usability. With Telnyx's Public IP mapping feature you can directly engage with your devices from anywhere on the internet, enabling limitless scalability of your IoT deployments.

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    Transparent pricing that makes sense

    In the maze of Emnify's pricing structures and additional charges, Telnyx stands out with clear, pay-as-you-go pricing that’s transparently displayed on our website. What you see is what you get, no hidden fees, no monthly usage lock-ins, and no minimum order quantities.

G2 leader status

Telnyx consistently earns thumbs-ups from customers for providing a superior experience and exceptional customer support. What’s more, we’re named a Leader in the G2 Summer 2023 report. By choosing Telnyx, you're teaming up with a provider that's always a step ahead of the rest. Check out our ratings here.

User-friendly Telnyx dashboard

Simple, user-friendly, all-in-one platform

The Telnyx Mission Control Portal is designed for intuitive navigation and ease of use with comprehensive features and seamless integration.

An all-in-one platform, Telnyx’s Mission Control Portal simplifies the process of managing your communication needs. Telnyx offers a single point of access to manage all your SIMs in one place, streamlining your operations.

Telnyx API sample code

Customizable APIs with 24/7, award-winning support

Speed up build times with our intuitive APIs, SDKs and detailed development documentation. If our out-of-the-box offering doesn’t suit your needs, adapt our APIs with ease.

Every Telnyx customer has free access to support around the clock from our team of expert, in-house engineers.

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Telnyx has access to 650+ networks globally, significantly more than Emnify's 540+. This expansive coverage ensures seamless connectivity for your IoT SIM Cards, more choice, redundancy, and reliable network failover, no matter where your devices are located.