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Thousands of users depend on The Telnyx network to exchange mission-critical calls, messages and data every single day. But providing a reliable, high uptime service isn’t enough. Telnyx takes security, compliance and privacy very seriously. We make sure your data is safe — always.

Security at Telnyx

Everything we do — from the network infrastructure and products we build and monitor 24/7, to the vendors we choose to work with — is carefully designed with security in mind.

Network Infrastructure

Our global backbone offers a more direct, secure route for your packets. The Telnyx IP-network links global points of presence with a private MPLS fiber backbone. Fewer hops ensures the lowest latency and the tightest security - always.

Tier-1 interconnects at major global internet hubs mean calls avoid the public internet. And by separating our network from the public internet, Telnyx is able to maintain far greater levels of control and security than our competitors.

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Physical Security

Data Center Security Telnyx leverages direct connections with major cloud providers AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, who each follow industry best practices to ensure their data centers are fully compliant and secure. You’ll find comprehensive information about their security standards by clicking on each of the links above.

Office Security Telnyx also actively manages security at every office location. This includes cameras at all points of entrance, the signing in of all visitors and key fobs for access control.

Application Security

We support encryption of signaling and media so all your communications are protected in transit. The protocols we use to do this are below:

Type of CommunicationSecure Protocols UsedOther Protocols Supported
Between customers and Telnyx APIsHTTPS, SMPP-over-SSL, SIPS, SMPP-over-IPsecSMPP, SIP, RTP
Telnyx Mission Control PortalHTTPSHTTP, SMPP, ENUM, SIP, RTP
Between Telnyx and carriersHTTPS, SMPP-over-SSL, SIPS, SMPP-over-IPsec

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Telnyx detects fraud using a statistical model that alerts us to any abnormal behavior in real-time. You can learn more about how this works here. We also have a dedicated Fraud Prevention Team that operates 24/7. To help prevent fraud, we suggest you also take these actions to protect your account:

  • Secure your account passwords.
  • Review access logs on a regular basis
  • Restrict web access to your PBX/VoIP system

Security Testing

Telnyx supports responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities, with real-time updates on our status page. We also conduct periodic audits of application security.