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Understanding SMS number types

All there is to know about Alphanumeric, Toll Free and Short code. Register for the webinar.

Understanding SMS number types

Leverage number types for maximum results

SMS is a popular business communication channel, but the various number types available can leave users feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the best option for their use case. After covering Long Code (including 10DLC) and by popular demand, our SMS experts are returning to talk you through the ins and outs of messaging your customers with Alphanumeric, Toll-Free, and Short code numbers.

Watch this lively and informative webinar and learn how to leverage number types for maximum results while avoiding common pitfalls. Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Alphanumeric, Toll-Free, and Short code number types
  • The benefits, costs, and ideal use case of each number type
  • Verification, compliance, and delivery caveats
  • Predictions on how each number type will evolve for messaging

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