A2P 10DLC Registration

Our easy-to-use tool and our API offer everything you need to buy and register a 10DLC number. Get started today and take advantage of this industry change to boost your deliverability.
10DLC Registration

What is 10DLC?

10DLC is a new system that uses standard 10-digit long code phone numbers for dedicated application to person (A2P) messaging. It is a carrier led initiative which allows businesses to send high throughput messages affordably across a small set of numbers.

How does 10DLC compare to other number types?

10DLC has higher throughput than local long codes and toll free numbers, with similar costs. While messages can’t be sent in volumes as high as they can with short code, it takes less time to provision and is far less expensive. Curious to learn more about how 10DLC compares? Check out our numbers matrix.

What 10DLC Offers

  • Transparent Ecosystem

    10DLC registration and fees create a barrier to entry for spammers and bad actors.

  • Improved Deliverability

    10DLC provides reliable A2P routes dedicated specifically to business messaging.

  • Increased Throughput

    Throughput is determined by carriers based on details about your business and use case.

Does 10DLC Affect my A2P Messaging?

Any businesses sending A2P messaging from a long code must migrate their traffic to 10DLC, short code, or toll-free numbers.

Under 10DLC a businesses will register:

  • Their brand (business)
  • Their campaigns (use cases)

So that carriers and customers have more transparency into who you are and what you are sending.

Carriers then determine maximum throughput and SMS carrier fees based on your brand and campaign details.

Telnyx is here to help you register for 10DLC

  • Our self-service portal and API lets you:

    • Search for and purchase 10DLC numbers, or migrate your existing Telnyx long codes
    • Register your 10DLC brand and campaigns
    • Obtain a trust score and message throughputs from carriers
    • Add numbers to your 10DLC campaigns
    • Start sending messages

    Questions on the process? Our 10DLC experts are here to help.

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

People want an affordable, high throughput way to send A2P SMS. But, all existing number types are either expensive, have low throughput, and contribute to spam. 10DLC is a carrier led initiative designed specifically for A2P messaging. It allows businesses to send high throughput messages affordably across a small set of numbers.

There is a 4$, non-refundable cost for registering a brand and a $50 one time cost per campaign. There is a monthly recurring charge ranging from $2-$10 per campaign per brand. These fees are outlined in the Mission Control Portal and billed initially for the first three months. There is also a per message 10DLC surcharge implemented by each carrier.

Only one brand can be created per EIN. Any additional brands would require their own unique EIN.

A phone number can be assigned to at most one campaign. A campaign can have many assigned phone numbers. For example, if there are two campaigns: one for appointment reminders and another for marketing. The same phone number cannot be used in both campaigns. In order to use the same phone number, a "Mixed" campaign is recommended which allows for up to 5 sub use cases. AT&T message fees may be higher for Mixed campaigns.

No, the surcharges and requirements for 10DLC don’t apply to P2P traffic. Phone numbers that have both P2P and A2P traffic should be registered under 10DLC campaigns. Any message sent from a business or organization, even if it is conversational in nature, is considered A2P.

No, TFN is not governed under this launch, only long codes.

No, not initially - MMS will likely be delayed on the 10DLC launch.