Industrial IoT

Revolutionize manufacturing processes with industry 4.0

Unlock the transformational benefits of automation with resilient IoT connectivity.
__Revolutionize manufacturing processes with *industry 4.0*__

Integrate your industrial IoT solutions with ease.

Whether you’re leveraging IoT connectivity for predictive maintenance, production control, or asset tracking--integration concerns shouldn’t get in the way. With Telnyx, you can provision, manage and monitor iIoT connectivity via an easy-to-use platform and API, with 24/7 in-house engineering support.

Future-proof your iIoT solution with remote SIM control.

Maintain complete control of SIMs throughout their entire lifecycle--even while they remain in the field.

  • Configure your SIMs to preference specific networks remotely, with over-the-air updates.
  • Group SIM cards to manage or monitor them remotely in bulk.
  • Manage SIM lifecycles seamlessly, with the ability to activate or disable SIMs on-demand.

Connect industrial equipment globally with confidence.

When dealing with high-value assets and machinery--reliable connectivity, achieved through carrier redundancy, is mission-critical. Telnyx SIMs connect to the best available network using 2G/3G/LTE/CatM1 on over 200 carriers, for global coverage you can count on.


How the industrial IoT is transforming manufacturing.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Use sensors, cameras, and data analytics to determine when a piece of equipment will fail before it does, and service it preemptively.
  • Quality control

    Automatically check critical quality variables via sensors to reduce the time and resources dedicated to Quality Management Systems.
  • Remote production control

    Collect and analyze large-scale data sets to supervise devices for clearer, faster insight into the production field.
  • Asset tracking

    Proactively track and manage asset utilization and performance to minimize equipment downtime.
Realize the benefits of industry 4.0

Resilient industrial IoT connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), also known as industry 4.0--is the transformational automation of traditional manufacturing processes using M2M and IoT technologies. The iIoT is already revolutionizing manufacturing, enabling the acquisition and accessibility of data faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Industrial IoT promises to revolutionize manual manufacturing processes, and the associated benefits are many. Industrial IoT allows manufacturers to:

  • Minimize equipment downtime.
  • Reducing costs and resources associated with quality control.
  • Increase asset utilization.
  • Produce and transport products more efficiently, with greater visibility into manufacturing and supply chain processes.

The use cases and applications for industrial IoT are many. Here are some of the most commonly used today:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Remote production control
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset management
  • Process automation

An industrial IoT platform or gateway is a type of industrial IoT software that allows organizations to securely manage all the connected people, systems, and things within an IIoT ecosystem. The best industrial IoT platforms allow you to integrate devices with enterprise applications to enable the seamless yet secure flow of data between connected people, systems, and things.

To get started, simply order a SIM card via the Telnyx Mission Control portal. Once you receive your SIM, follow the instructions to activate it. You can also get in touch with our team of experts anytime with specific questions about your industrial IoT integration.

Yes, we do! With Telnyx, you can group SIM cards by organization, location, or as needed and manage them in bulk. You can find more info on this in our Developer Center.

API reference documentation can be found in the Telnyx Developer Center.

Telnyx charges $1 per SIM card (plus shipping) and then $2 per active SIM per month. You can find more detailed information about Wireless pricing, including data charges here, or to find out more about discounts for bulk orders, please get in touch.