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Introducing Wireless Coverage on All Major US Networks

Today, we're excited to announce even better coverage and connectivity quality for our IoT SIM cards in the US.

By Odhran Reidy

IoT SIM Card Illustration

Cellular IoT connectivity is becoming more and more important as businesses across retail, point of sale, mobility, industrial IoT, logistics and agriculture seek to modernize their operations. With Telnyx Wireless, businesses like Clair Global found an avenue for programmable IoT connectivity via SIM cards and SIM fleet management APIs. By using one multi-IMSI SIM card that automatically connects to the best available network in 180+ countries across the globe with a simple zone-based pay-as-you-go pricing model, businesses have unlocked operational efficiencies and global scale.

Today, we're excited to announce even better coverage and connectivity quality for our IoT SIM cards in the US, with automatic roaming on all four major US networks. High-quality access to AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and US Cellular—as well as local providers across the nation like Alaska Wireless—means Telnyx SIM cards have reliable service anywhere.

Here's what that means for Telnyx Wireless customers:

Geographic coverage for 99.8% of the US population

Telnyx IoT SIM cards automatically select the best available wireless network, intelligently registering with one of our 400+ carrier partners across the globe. With access to all four major networks in the US, customers can enjoy high-quality connectivity in more parts of the US than ever before.

Whether you're processing payments at a food truck in the Rocky Mountains, monitoring water quality in the Mississippi Delta, or providing cell internet backup for a festival in the Black Rock Desert, Telnyx Wireless has got you covered.

Low-latency connectivity, fit for IoT and consumer devices

When you're providing critical failover internet connectivity, supporting live real-time monitoring in industry or agriculture, or building security-focused connectivity tools, every millisecond counts. High-quality access to major US networks means Telnyx IoT SIM cards can send and receive data with low latency, keeping your application working in real-time.

Want to learn more about how Telnyx supports secure IoT? Check out Private Wireless Gateways - our toolkit for connecting SIM cards directly to your private corporate network and limiting risk by reducing the attack surface of the public internet.

High-bandwidth connectivity for dependable data transfer

In today's world of data-rich experiences, bandwidth requirements are always growing. In applications like live video streaming from security cameras, real-time industrial monitoring feeds with millions of data points, or large-scale device connectivity in wearables, having reliable data speeds makes a huge difference in your customer's experience.

Our direct roaming agreements with major operators in the US, coupled with intelligent automated failover when any one network fails, means your devices and experiences always have high-quality connectivity.

If you're building a connected experience—in the US, or overseas—our experts can help you understand what high-quality connectivity means for your customers. Get in touch today.

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