Global Connectivity for Point of Sale Devices

Telnyx makes it easy to deploy your point of sale (PoS) devices across the globe. Our IoT SIM cards have out-of-the-box coverage in 180+ countries, and an API platform to manage SIMs over-the-air.
Global Connectivity for Point of Sale Devices

Give your customers connectivity, not complexity

Plug-and-play cellular internet coverage that just works. No need to wrangle your customers' corporate WiFi during deployment.

Never swap SIMs again. Telnyx SIM cards feature multi-carrier coverage and intelligently switch networks to ensure continuous coverage, no matter where they are.

Manage your SIM cards via API

Deploy, update, configure, and monitor data usage from SIMs with simple API commands.

Send transaction receipts, customer engagement texts and more by adding SMS and voice calling APIs to your payment experiences.

Get up and running in minutes with device-specific tutorials, SDKs in your language, and a 1200-developer-strong community.

See cost savings from day one

Keep your SIMs warehoused in low-cost standby mode until you deploy them, then auto-activate them when they start using data.

Only pay for what you use with low, per-MB pricing.

Enjoy low-cost SMS and voice calling to augment your payment experiences.

Manage everything through one intuitive portal

Order, activate, configure and manage SIMs through our award-winning Mission Control Portal.

See live, detailed reports on data usage per SIM, with limits and alerts.

Group SIMs for bulk management and reporting.


Use Cellular Data for Point of Sale Devices

Download our eBook for a deep dive into IoT SIM Cards for PoS devices. We break down the pros & cons of WiFi and cellular data for your Point of Sale IoT deployments.

"I use Wireless, I love the fact that I am not locked to one carrier and always get great fast internet on it."
Kristopher O.
Small Business Owner
"Setup is really easy, quick, and efficient." - Ricardo G., Engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Point of Sale IoT Connectivity

Telnyx IoT SIM cards have coverage in the US via AT&T and T-Mobile, with more carrier coverage coming soon.

Our SIM cards also have global IoT coverage in over 180 countries through 588 carriers, with redundant multi-carrier coverage in the majority of countries in which we operate.

For more info on our carrier coverage across 180+ geographies worldwide, check out our support knowledge base or talk to our IoT experts.

We can help! The Telnyx SMS API lets you send automated receipts, loyalty texts, MMS messages, WhatsApp messages, and more. And we've got the phone number coverage and regulatory expertise to make sure those texts get delivered. For more information, check out Telnyx Programmable Messaging.

No! Telnyx SIMs can be managed with over-the-air (OTA) updates. You can activate, deactivate, set data limits, set alerts, pull reports on usage stats and connection activity, set network switching preferences, and set or un-set public IP addresses on your SIMs, all via OTA updates, without ever needing to physically connect to a SIM.

With Telnyx Wireless SIMs, you won't need to. Our SIMs are multi-carrier, with support for major networks in the US and coverage in over 180 geographies worldwide through 588 carriers and counting.

We've got you covered with tons of cost-saving features. You can set SIMs to standby mode while they're in your warehouse, saving you 90% on monthly costs. When you're ready to deploy your SIMs, there are no extra steps required to take them out of standby—simply put them in a device, and they'll auto-activate once they start sending and receiving data.

We can help! Our team of developer experts know our APIs back to front, and can point you to docs, examples, resources and more. If you're ready to take the next steps, our solutions engineers can help you build a proof of concept for your app, and our implementation experts will make sure you're set up for success. Alongside our team, we also have a developer community of 1200 members (and counting!); join us on Slack and get advice from your fellow Telnyx developers!

Yes! Our SIMs connect to every major carrier in Canada, giving you broad coverage no matter where you're deploying your PoS devices.

Absolutely! Our monthly prices are low, and data is charged on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis, so you're never paying for data you don't use.

  • Explore SIM and Data Pricing for Point of Sale

    Our pricing is designed to work for data volumes commonly seen in point of sale applications, and we can offer discounts for higher-volume data needs.

    Starting at $0.01/MB.

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