Telnyx adds new regional endpoints to Cloud Storage product

31, Oct 2023

Following a successful migration of our backend infrastructure, Telnyx is adding 2 new regional endpoints to our Cloud Storage product, increasing geographical diversity.

Increasing our regional endpoints across the United States ensures a distributed infrastructure for Telnyx Cloud Storage. This allows Telnyx cloud storage users to optimize their file storage system to achieve low-latency object retrieval for specific geographic areas.

Where will Telnyx users be able to direct services to?

Telnyx Cloud Storage users are now able to store their files in 2 new regions— and—as well as our existing region

How do I choose a storage region?

Telnyx users can easily choose to store files in any of the three storage regions through the Mission Control Portal or via API.

In the portal, users can select the region from the dropdown on bucket creation.

Choose where to store your data with Telnyx Cloud Storage

If you have any questions about our new regions or would like to learn more about how you can get started with Telnyx Cloud Storage, reach out to a member of the team today!