Expanded Docs for our WebRTC JavaScript Client

21, Jan 2021

Expanded Docs for our WebRTC JavaScript Client

WebRTC JavaScript Client - Expanded Docs

It's now easier than ever to embed the full power of the Telnyx Voice API into your web browser. We've updated and expanded our API reference documentation for the Telnyx WebRTC JavaScript Client.

Our updated docs contain in-depth information and examples around three core parts of the SDK:

  • The TelnyxRTC client connects your application to Telnyx, enabling you to make outgoing calls and handle incoming calls.
  • A call represents a one-to-one audio or video call between browsers, SIP clients, or phone numbers.
  • A notification is an event sent by Telnyx to notify the client of changes to the session or call.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a Real-Time Communications (RTC) protocol that enables web browsers to communicate with each other and with other devices. The technology allows users to embed communications directly into their websites and native applications, enabling unrivaled context for their end-users.

What can I do with the WebRTC JavaScript SDK?

The Telnyx WebRTC SDK is a free, open-source JavaScript package that enables calls to be placed between browsers and the public switched telephony network (PSTN) via the Telnyx telephony engine.

We've used the SDK ourselves to build telephony into our own website. The Call Us button in the header of this very website allows you to place a call directly from your browser to the Telnyx sales team using WebRTC. We've also built a web dialer tool into the Debugging section of our Mission Control Portal, allowing you to place a test call using your Telnyx account from your browser to any phone number or SIP URI via WebRTC.

How can I get started with WebRTC?

Getting started with Telnyx WebRTC is quick and simple. You can follow our quickstart guide to get up and running using the Telnyx Portal and a sample application we've built.

Adding the SDK to an existing app is as simple as installing the npm package:

npm install @telnyx/webrtc --save

You can find more details on installation and usage alongside the npm package, and explore the new docs for an in-depth reference.