Telnyx Inference is now in open beta

10, Sep 2023

Today we’re excited to launch Telnyx Inference in open beta!

The Telnyx team has been working hard to build a dedicated space for all your AI endeavors. This isn’t just another entry in the AI marketplace; it’s a powerful testament to our commitment to providing the most streamlined and efficient tools for AI deployment.

Key features of Telnyx Inference include:

  • Integrated AI solution: A comprehensive platform for building, training, and deploying models on custom data.
  • Powered by our GPU Network: Utilize the raw power of our dedicated GPU infrastructure, optimized to deliver inference results in just milliseconds.
  • Model flexibility: Harness the potential of both proprietary and open-source models, giving you unparalleled flexibility in making predictions.
  • Unified AI management: Seamless integration with our existing Cloud Storage product allows users to manage your data storage, embeddings and AI processes on one unified platform with our AI-enabled storage.

We're eager for you to experience its full capabilities and, as always, your feedback during this beta phase will be invaluable in shaping the final product. Get started in the portal or via API and be one of the early adopters of Telnyx Inference!

Note: As with all beta launches, we recommend thorough testing in non-critical environments before full deployment.