Inference • Last Updated 10/5/2023

Telnyx releases new Inference product to public beta

Easily incorporate AI into your applications and manage AI infrastructure, data storage, embeddings and inference on one platform


By Fiona McDonnell

Telnyx's integrated AI platform showcasing infrastructure, embeddings, and inference on a GPU network for streamlined workflows and efficient data management.

When Telnyx employees designed innovative AI-powered solutions during Open AprIl, we quickly realized a pressing concern: the AI world was fragmented. Many of our teams attempting to incorporate AI into existing or novel workflows found that they had to jump between multiple apps and consoles just to accomplish a straightforward task. The digital jigsaw puzzle of AI was both time-consuming and, quite frankly, unnecessary.

Recognizing this gap, we took the initiative.

At Telnyx, we're pioneering the integration of advanced GPU architecture with cutting-edge AI models. We envision a digital landscape where data doesn't just sit in storage, but is constantly ready for rapid AI Inference and interaction. We know that the best AI solution turns data into value—enabling businesses to improve their customer’s experience, optimize employee workflows, and make better strategic decisions.

What makes Telnyx Inference stand out?

Telnyx Inference is not just another AI product, it's a comprehensive solution for businesses wanting to build, train and deploy models on custom data.

Building on our existing Cloud Storage product and owned-GPU network, we started to build Telnyx Inference—an AI-driven powerhouse where users can harness the strength of our dedicated GPU infrastructure, optimized to deliver inference results in mere milliseconds.

Telnyx Inference brings together a number of existing products and new features that will allow users to choose how they interact with our new AI tools to help improve the efficiency of internal workflows or build AI functionality into customer-facing applications.

Telnyx Inference Product Overview

Let’s take a look at what makes Telnyx Inference unique:

AI-enabled object storage

Telnyx Storage allows users to seamlessly upload data into specific buckets, with the option to enable AI integrations for each bucket. AI-enabled buckets equip users with the technical tools to not just store, but also analyze on-the-go with two new features: summarization and vectorization.

Summarize your files with one click to instantly turn data into insights, and vectorize your data to automatically create embeddings. Storage for AI means you can say goodbye to the days of outsourcing your document analysis and embeddings. Telnyx supports multiple file types so that you can get the most out of your data.

Distributed GPU network

We own a network of >4k GPUs that have been engineered to proficiently vectorize data for use in LLMs (Large Language Models). Our dedicated infrastructure is co-located with Telnyx Storage to provide highly-performant, fast inference.

Telnyx users can also utilize our GPUs to train and fine-tune models at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Inference API

The cornerstone of our new offering, Inference, allows users to make predictions by harnessing both proprietary and open-source models for ultimate flexibility and efficiency.

Use Inference in conjunction with our AI-enabled storage to manage all your AI needs on one platform.

If you already have embeddings ready to go, you can use Telnyx to carry out pure inference—without storage—for cost-savings over other Inference and GPU providers.

Partner with Telnyx to build your AI applications

Choose Telnyx to build your AI applications and discover reduced cost and increased efficiency with your time to market.

Reduce your build cost

Since we own our GPUs, we can provide embeddings and inference at a price that's just a fraction of what our competitors charge.

Increased efficiency

Instantly summarize files in Telnyx Storage to gain valuable insights into your internal data. Co-location of GPUs and Storage means you can go from data → inference in near-real time.

AI workflow consolidation

Telnyx Inference API isn’t just a product; it’s an experience. From storing to vectorizing, from accessing to utilizing—do it all from one integrated platform. All of this is delivered through an intuitive set of APIs complemented by a user-friendly portal.

The future of AI is here, and it's more integrated than ever. On the Telnyx platform, we’re transforming how businesses perceive and interact with AI. Join us on this exciting journey as we transform AI from a fragmented puzzle into a cohesive, user-friendly solution by getting started with our quickstart guides.

If you want to check out the portal view, head over to the Storage section in the left hand menu to start building!

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