Telnyx updates International Number Search and Order

16, Sep 2021

In the past year, Telnyx has added PSTN replacement capabilities in a number of countries outside of the US. To enhance the experience of our growing customer base outside of the US, we have made updates to the International Number Search and Order process. These changes will automate the process and give users instant visibility into the required documentation, end-user information, and emergency services requirement to purchase and activate international numbers.

We’ve amended our existing API and implemented a new API to overcome constraints with the international number ordering and porting process.

Users will be able to check out and reserve international numbers for 48 hours. Within this 2-day period users will be sent notifications to gather the documents required to purchase the international numbers. If the documentation is not provided within the time period, the numbers will be released. If the documents are provided within the 48 hours, the purchase will move to a Telnyx internal review.

We’ve also updated the UI in Mission Control Portal to streamline the process of international number ordering.

With the new view of the Orders tab it’s easier to see requirements for Sub Orders and provide the documentation to fulfil these requirements, all with just a few clicks. In the view for each Sub Order there’s also a Communications section where customers can speak to a Telnyx representative about that specific Sub Order.

For more information on our latest release, check out our blog. To test out the new API, head over to our Developer Docs to see for yourself how easy it is to implement. If you’d like to know more about our international numbering capabilities, reach out to our team of experts.