Telnyx launches Push Notifications on for WebRTC SDK

21, Oct 2021

Today, Telnyx is excited to launch Push Notifications for our WebRTC SDK.

Most users are familiar with Push Notifications- they’re the clickable pop-up messages available across mobile and web applications. Push Notifications allow users to read messages from apps, without having to actually open the application.

Push Notifications come with a number of inherent benefits for both developers and end-users. Firstly, they don’t require the application from which they come from to be open on a device to be received by the user. When a Push Notification is sent, the app can ‘wake up’, thereby preserving the battery of the device. They also enhance the security of communications and improve app efficiency by going directly to the given application for processing.

Telnyx is offering Push Notifications to our users through the WebRTC SDK. You can implement push notifications into your communications apps by following our latest guide for both iOS and Android on our Developer site.

For more information about Push Notifications and our WebRTC offering, contact a member of our sales team today.