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Easily integrate push notifications into your comms

Integrate browser push notifications for iOS and Android into your communications apps today, and reach your customers faster.


By Fiona McDonnell

Telnyx PNs

Pretty much everyone will have seen a push notification at one point or another. They’re the clickable pop-up messages available across mobile and web applications. Push Notifications are an easy, quick way to allow companies to reach their users with important messages, offers, or information about new products and features.

Our teams at Telnyx have been working on building browser push notifications that can be easily integrated into your communications app.

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So apart from a better customer experience, what else makes push notifications so important for your communications applications?

Battery preservation

When developing mobile applications it’s important to keep in mind the battery restrictions of mobile devices, which can be tricky for apps that need to facilitate real-time communications. In the case of WebRTC, the device must always have a connection established with the communications vendor to allow inbound calls and messages, but this can drain the battery. That’s where Push Notifications are useful.

Without getting too technical, the push notification network socket preserves the connection with the communications vendor, regardless of whether the phone is off or the screen is locked. When a Push Notification is sent, the app can ‘wake up’, thereby preserving the battery of the device.

Increased Efficiency and Security

In the case of inbound calls built into an app using iOS and Android SDKs, the device will keep a single connection open to FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) and APNS servers (Apple Push Notification Service) to listen for notifications belonging to ALL apps on the device. When a push notification is received, messages are routed to the appropriate applications they are intended for.

In the case of a push notification from Telnyx, the notification will carry the metadata belonging to a call (like a CLI, CLD etc.), which will be made available to the app. This is a much more efficient and secure way of sending notifications than keeping a network connection open for every single application wanting to enable push notifications.

Get started with Push Notification settings from Telnyx

It’s now easier than ever to integrate push notifications into your WebRTC applications. Telnyx users can get started by logging into the Mission Control Portal and following the guides for iOS and Android push notification integration.

If you’re new to Telnyx you can sign-up to the Mission Control Portal and we'll even help you get up and running. If you have any questions about us or our WebRTC offering, you can reach out to a member of our support team, 24/7/365.

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