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Choose which Point of Presence to anchor your media

Do you Choose Your Point of Presence? You do with Telnyx - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

By Michael Bratschi

Choosing your Point of Presence

Concerned with the latency and security of your users' conversations? Unlike most VoIP providers who use the Public Internet end-to-end, Telnyx ensures that your media is carried over a private fiber backbone that we maintain and manage ourselves.

By default, we will proactively monitor the latency from your endpoints to our points of presence (PoP) to determine where your media should be anchored in order to ensure your packets get off the internet as fast as possible.

Anchorsite Zoom 2


Is there an ISP bottleneck causing call quality issues for your users? You now have the power to take a different internet path to Telnyx. Our new Anchorsite® feature in the Connections panel of your Mission Control gives you the ability to decide at which point of presence (PoP) you want us to anchor your call media. Choose which configuration makes the most sense for each connection that you have, and we'll do the rest. As always, this feature is accessible via the API, too! Our customer success team is always around to answer all of your questions. Please reach out at any time or schedule a demo at one of the available slots.

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