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Taking Your Communications Global

CPaaS delivers the reliability, security and global reach of legacy telecom without the performance blockers and security issues.

By Tarek Wiley

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The internet is the most effective medium for scaling online communications to anywhere in the world, but it isn’t sufficient to provide a high-quality, secure experience. To maintain top-tier quality, some cloud communications providers are building bespoke infrastructure to pull calls into private routing environments.

This doesn’t mean you need to build your own global infrastructure to serve a global client base. Instead, you can choose a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) provider for real-time conversations that are embeddable, configurable and internet-centric.

Communications, meets the cloud

Applications may rely on several different providers for their telephony needs including multiple providers for phone number provisioning, toll-free service, SMS and more. This adds unnecessary administrative burden as a unified provider can serve all these needs from a single pane of glass.

CPaaS vs. UCaaS

CPaaS and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) are similar in several ways, including their reliance on the cloud. However, UCaaS bundles products within a single platform while CPaaS enables à la carte customizations. CPaaS solutions also require additional tools and services like REST APIs and developer docs, while UCaaS solutions are generally ready to go out of the box.

Why CPaaS

CPaaS combines the most cutting-edge capabilities of the internet with the best practices of a successful platform business, providing programmable connectivity through APIs with the ability to embed communications into your applications.

CPaaS built on private, facilities-based infrastructure can enable more reliable, secure connectivity with a greater reach than the public internet can support. It also gives you far more control than the typical technology partner, especially with the self-service configurability of platforms like Telnyx.

The CPaaS market is unique for adapting the telecom model to the next generation of internet-centric voice applications. By building API-powered telecom services in the cloud and absorbing network operations into a software model, CPaaS bridges online technology into the future.

Choosing the right provider

The right CPaaS provider makes it easy to embed outbound calling and other great voice services into your apps, freeing up your engineering team to focus on growing your business in other ways.

The wrong CPaaS provider, on the other hand, can hamper your organization with retrograde technology and inflexible contracts. Choose a CPaaS provider with a culture of innovation that is committed to your growth.

Here are a few things to look out for:

1. Global access to owned numbers

The first obstacle to global voice is purchasing phone numbers in target markets — make sure you can get local, national and toll-free numbers. Look for a CPaaS provider with direct access to the primary market’s number supply, as well as embeddable and programmatic number searching.

2. Private infrastructure

Only facilities-based communications networks and cloud-agnostic telephony engines have the technical capacity to support real-time digital communications at scale. No amount of retrofitting internet or public switched telephone network (PSTN) will result in the clear and global communications modern users demand.

3. Regulatory compliance

International service requires more than a number to connect an outbound call. Check that your international carrier supports backward compatibility with the local PSTN and compliance with local regulators.

You don’t need to build your own infrastructure to execute your global vision. CPaaS delivers the reliability, security and global reach of legacy telecom without the performance blockers and security issues.

Contact the Telnyx team to learn how we make it easy to embed communications into your applications, enabling reliable communications on our private, secure network.

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