Fax • Last Updated 9/29/2023

How Documo Built Reliable, ECM-Friendly Fax with Telnyx

See how Documo integrates with Telnyx to build a reliable fax solution with full ECM support.

By Odhran Reidy

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Documo’s mission is to change how the world works with documents and help save the planet in the process. They build solutions for businesses that make working with documents easier, more secure and better for the environment.

Founded: 2014 | Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV

Download The Documo Case Study

Download the Case Study PDF here.

The Documo Platform makes it easy for users to simplify and automate their document workflows. Users can leverage their powerful REST API or intuitive, modern web portal to securely sign, send or store the documents that matter. One of Documo’s core products is mFax - a leading cloud fax solution. With Telnyx, Documo is able to offer users fast, efficient and seamless number porting and purchasing via their portal.

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage Telnyx for reliable, configurable fax.

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